HiDAS participates and sponsors many types of activities, including:
  • Group viewing for the public and pre-arranged classes at the Lewis Center Observatory.
  • Organized star parties for the members and the public.
  • Training and informative courses on astronomy topics.
  • Guest speaker programs and workshops.
  • Use of member's telescopes for school or community events at their locations.

For information on currently scheduled activities, please see our calendar. If you would like to receive more information on scheduling an activity, please contact us.



The Luz Observatory at the Lewis Center for Educational Research is equipped to support many types of astronomical studies. This equipment includes:
  • 14" Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope.
  • 8" Maksutov telescope.
  • 4" Takahashi Fluorite apochromat refractor.
  • Ultra heavy duty Equatorial Pier Mounting with computer controlled
    "go-to" capability
  • Two dedicated computers for control of the telescope system using
    "The Sky" astronomy program.
  • 5 meter motorized dome.
  • Astrovid LCD 2000 Video Camera for Lunar and planetary viewing
    and recording.
  • STV Digital Integrating CCD Camera and Autoguider for rapid
    recording of faint objects.
  • ST-8 CCD Camera for high resolution recording of extremely faint
  • Dome/Theater video/audio intercom system.
  • Telescope video remote display in theater or on the internet.