HiDAS Events Calendar 2013




Star Party Guidelines

Our Star parties are intended to be a fun even for our members and the public community alike. To maintain a safe and enjoyable evening, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Feel free to move around and visit all the scopes, but it is important to never approach a scope without asking permission first. If you are interested in obtaining your own scope, talking with scope owners is a great way to learn what scope might be most suitable for you.

Bright lights are fundamentally frowned upon after dark. When you approach the star party site after dark, please turn your headlights off. Please turn any white dome lights or accessory lights in your vehicle off a well. Because red light's affect the eye's dark adaptation the least, any flashlights or accessory lights should be red, or covered with red plastic or paint. If you absolutely must use white lights, please warn others before doing so.

Soft music in the background is relaxing and can hide the boring noises of the night. If you intend to play music, check with others to make sure you don't disturb them. Because tastes in music can differ greatly, please respect requests to turn it down or even off.

Children are always welcome, but if you bring your kids please keep them under close supervision. There is a lot of expensive equipment around for them to run into.

Our star party sites are selected to allow close parking to the viewing site. However if you did not bring a viewing instrument, please consider parking a short distance away from the site to allow room for others to unload/load equipment.

Please be careful of wires, cables, and other accessories. If you have a scope set up, please try to arrange your gear in such a way to prevent tripping hazards.

Be sure to properly dispose of wrappings, cans, bottle caps, etc. so that we continue to be welcome in the various sites. If you bring it with you, take it with you when you leave.

Never leave anyone by themselves at the end of the evening, we don't want anyone to be stranded alone.

You'll need extra energy to remain effective through an observing session, so you'll want to bring along plenty of sandwiches, snacks, coffee, and soft drinks .

Being out in the desert, our star parties can get quite chilly so be sure to bring warm clothing. In the summer, a light and heavy jacket, warm shirt, jeans may be all you need. The Winter calls for insulated boots, thermal underwear, corduroy jeans, parka, flannel shirt, gloves, and, very important, a warm knit cap! The greatest heat loss is from your head, so you'll want the hood on your coat too, especially if there's a breeze.